Tomer Rosenthal


Ingress is a book encompassing 55 works by Tomer Rosenthal. A first publication of his work, the book documents drawings made between 2013 and 2019. Ingress invites the viewer to wander inside it as a mobile exhibition. Rosenthal’s works explore symbols and images from ancient religions and cultures, ranging from Neo-Assyrian stone reliefs to medieval illuminated chronicles, 19th century symbolism, and Northern Renaissance iconography. Drawing from a wide range of sources, the world created in his drawings refuses a linear understanding of history – ancient symbols coexist and meld with contemporary imagery, transgressing cultural and temporal boundaries, generating a new, expansive psychic world. Ingress records explorations into non-linear thought and the unconscious, presenting hybrid figures that blur the borders between human, animal and plant. Highlighting an interaction between light and shadow, it unlocks a singular mythological universe.

  • Copies: 300
  • Pages: 80
  • Type of binding: Hardcover
  • Dimensions (cm): 23X29
  • Reproductions: Studio Shuki Kook
  • Printing: A.R. Printing
  • Type of printing: Offset
  • Publication: Self published
  • Supported by: Israel Lottery Council For Culture & Arts, New York Foundation for the Arts
  • ISBN: 9789655997699