White Raven

Carmela Weiss


The artist's book "White Raven" is the result of a negotiation with a text, a response to reading the Bible. It is not a theoretical or academic response. It is an intuitive, associative, secular response, which takes a license to maneuver. The biblical text is used here as a trigger, as a driving force. Something called Arouses curiosity and causes one to go on a search for interpretations, at the end of which an image is chosen. An image is not necessarily a representation of what is described in the text, but a metonymic, personal associative response to what is read.
In the book there are three paths:
the one; A response to Gustav Dore's illustrations, what was "missing" was added to them through collage. For example in the work "Saul and David" the viewer sees the moment when Saul attacks David with the spear. The spear becomes the LGBT flag. Shaul is not aware of the move he is making: while he thinks he is killing David, in fact he is waving the LGBT flag.
The second; Drawings that contain the spirit of the book, for example drawings of shellfish.
The third; An inversion occurs, in which the painting born from the text becomes an independent text for which the biblical source is one interpretive option. The painting detaches itself from the text.
The book was released at the same time as a solo exhibition at the P8 gallery in January 2017

  • Copies: 500
  • Pages: 160
  • Type of binding: Hardcover
  • Dimensions (cm): 23X16
  • Printing: A.R. Printing Ltd
  • Type of printing: process
  • Publication: Private