״In a defining moment like the current war, when art is put to the test, Harodi and Nader’s book allows us to look critically at the images currently surrounding us.״

Gal Houbara Bergman

The Table of the Lost Assets


"The absence of human presence in the photos reflects the painful contemporary reality of abandoned places."

Nurit Yarden

A Memory of A Place: kibbutz kfar Aza & Metula


״Water behind the horizon of water." Books that float in Venice.

Shiraz Grinbaum

Venetian Books


"These artists' books served him as an introduction to the tensions between writing and images."

Yaniv Shapira

From The Meir Agassi Museum


“His books were meant to be stages from which he transmitted signals to the outside, beyond the Meir-Agassi universe.”

Avshalom Suliman and Shiraz Grinbaum

No One to Ask


"The format of the unique, one off, artist's book, is for me, a laboratory, a mental space, a studio within a studio."

Meir Agassi

On the Artist's Book


"To mark the Jewish holiday of Purim: three books in costume."

Vardit Gross

For Purim


״The question of where is your garden is actually a question of territory – where do you situate yourself at this given moment.״

Meital Katz Minerbo

The Handbook of Human Botany


"Three books that deal with the impossible love for this place."

karmit Galili

Books For A Blue Valentine's Day


״For more than 40 years of creation, he accompanies the State of Israel in almost every important political event and intersection.״

Michal Shapira

A Tribute To David Tartakover On His 80th Birthday