Naomi Leshem


The book consists of photographs and texts. Ten photographs dealing with coping, gender and identity. Each of them depicts a single figure in the space - five men and five women, whom the photographer placed in a challenging situation, physically and mentally. The artist traveled around the world and presented the photographs to different people, mostly random, who wrote their responses in their own handwriting and language. These texts became part of the series when they themselves are not translated, became a visual object in itself and understandable only to the speakers of the particular language. The texts in Hebrew, Russian, Arabic, Amharic, Czech, German, French, Chinese, Korean, Hindi, Yiddish and Albanian describe the thoughts, feelings and associations that arose in the writers through their personality, religion and culture. The book includes texts by Andrea Maislin, New York, Dr. Kobi Ben Meir and Naomi Leshem.

  • Copies: 750
  • Pages: 67
  • Type of binding: soft
  • Dimensions (cm): 32*23.5
  • Printing: A. R. Printing LTD, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Binding: A. R. Printing LTD, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Type of printing: offset
  • Publication: Andrea Meislin Gallery, New York
  • Place of publication: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Book photography: Yair Meyuhas
  • ISBN: 9789655557220