He was Awarded the Medal of Courage



The fighting which “Golani” Brigade led in the first battle on Mount Hermon, an attempt to reconquer the Israeli base from the Syrians, began on October 8th, 1973. In this battle, twenty-five fighters fell and fifty-seven wounded. The retreating order of the “Golani” Brigade’s Commander interrupted the bloody battle, at a time when the forces were within reach from completing the mission. Four soldiers were left to fight alone on the mountain, as the withdrawal order did not reach them, and were declared missing. The late Captain Efrayim (Effi) Shneor was the officer who led the brigade’s front force in the fighting and who was left, along with three other fighters, to fight alone, while the rest of the force withdrew. For his part in this battle, the late Captain Shneor was awarded the “Medal of Courage”. The entire battle story is described in the book and it focuses on Effi’s personal battle story. The book is based on interviews with friends, warriors, commanders and family members. The book is edited, among other things, in order to present a different, supervised and mature angle that critically examines the official battle story—which has become a national ethos, while revealing and validating the variety of personal battle versions of the interviewees, versus the official narrative version of the army. ‘He was Awarded the Medal of Courage’, is the name of the book created by Gal Shneor, the late Efrayim (Effi) Shneor is his uncle—his father’s brother—Yair. Gal chose to dedicate his work with endless love to his grandparents—Effi’s parents.

  • Copies: 12
  • Pages: 484
  • Type of binding: Hard copy with sewing
  • Dimensions (cm): 24×17.75
  • Type of printing: Indigo
  • Publication: Self-Published
  • Place of publication: Israel
  • Supported by: Recorded Interviews Transcription: Nina Tsoran, Binding and Box: Ido Agassi
  • Book photography: Yair Meyuhas