Without Words 5

Zila Friedman


A handmade artist's book from a miniature library collection that contains 70 artist books in different format. Collage, ink, pilot pen on paper and sewing.

  • Copies: 1
  • Pages: 60
  • Type of binding: Soft Cover
  • Dimensions (cm): 13X9
  • Place of publication: Bnei Brak
  • Book photography: Yair Meyuhas & Shiraz Grinbaum

Zila Friedman (b. 1948), artist, social activist, and founding member of "Impact" organization - the Plastic Artists Organization Association. She studied and worked at The etching workshop at Kibbutz Cabri, and the College of Painting and Sculpture, Ramat-Gan, among other venues; and presented dozens of solo and group exhibitions in Israel and abroad; including in Sita, Paris. Her works deal with situations of ability vs. inability, receiving its expression in the drawing medium through the choice of materials and the interrelationships between line, stain, texture, and surface. Her roots are in the ultra-orthodox tradition, and she faithfully upholds its values. As a daughter of Holocaust survivors who hid the hardships and events from their children, and due to personal dealings with movement and immobility accompanying me throughout her life, the concealment and silence became constitutive factors in both her personality and her works. Friedman started creating artist's books in 2023, as an ongoing project titled 'The Miniature Library'.